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Train your mind, grow your income



Do you know what you have to do to increase your income/revenue, but you don't do it? I get you unstuck so you reach the life of your dreams.


Hi! I’m Jenn Melyan, a certified executive coach trained by Executive Performance Institute for Coaching (EPIC). I am dedicated to working with growth minded individuals and companies who want to create extraordinary and measurable results in their lives.

About Me

My Services.


Workshops & Webinars 

This coaching is specific for people interested in tapping into their full potential and overcoming obstacles or challenges that have been in their way, up until now. It leaves no room for judgment, arrogance, or entitlement. We will explore how to create extraordinary results from vulnerability, humility, and curiosity. 

This interactive workshop is designed for your team, organization, or community to jumpstart the trajectory of your results by improving cultural, leadership, communication, and ultimately, results. Here are some sample topics that my team and I can provide training on: Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), emotional intelligence, overcoming procrastination and imposter syndrome, maximizing bandwidth, leadership development, communication dynamics, building psychological safety, and more.

  • 1-1 video conferencing 

  • Tailor-made sessions

  • Results-focused coaching 

Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching benefits teams, giving an opportunity for members to learn about each other's strengths, how to complement and collaborate more effectively, increase productivity, deepen accountability, learn from each other, and build a stronger culture in order to create thrilling results. 

Meeting Facilitation

Have a neutral, third party help effectively manage a crucial meeting for your organization! I can help enable the participants to effectively accomplish the meeting objectives by designing the meeting, allowing all perspectives to be heard, and revealing any blind spots participants may have, while remaining neutral.

Keynote Speaking

I am the consummate storyteller with expertise and experience covering a variety of topics such as uncertainty, empowerment, and transformation. Audiences leave my talks entertained and inspired. Contact me to learn more about speaking engagements.

1-1 Client testimonials 

"Jen has been crucial in my success as a business owner, father, husband, and brother, son, and mentor. At the beginning of my journey with Jen I set some big goals thinking that I might one day achieve them 10 years down the line but to my surprise in 1/10 the time I was able to achieve even more than I had set out for."

Vahag, Entrepreneur

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