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Frequently asked questions about EXECUTIVE coaching


How do I find the right coach for me?

Your relationship with your coach can be life-changing. You need to like and respect them! If you feel comfortable with your coach, you can be vulnerable with them, and that’s where the growth will happen. 

Do some research in the beginning. Key things to look for are certifications and work experience. Recommendations and client testimonials help paint a picture. Ask what kind of team and resources the coach has that could be made available to you.


What is the difference between coaching and therapy, consulting, or teaching?

Coaching is an inquiry-based partnership that accelerates an individual toward identifying and achieving their goals.

Therapy: Coaches work with specific goals in a given time frame. Therapists don’t usually have a time frame and the primary goal is often exploring your emotional state.

Consulting: Coaches partner with you to develop your mindset and strategy for your goals. Consultants are specialists who provide industry-specific expertise and deliver or implement a strategy.

Teaching: Coaches do an intake of your desired outcomes and help you learn to close your gaps. Teachers develop curriculum and find ways to convey information.


What results can I expect?

What results do you want? And what are you willing to do? When you know that, you can expect to get there. Coaches help clarify your vision and accelerate the time frame. 

How does this work?

Practically speaking, the structure is one-on-one meetings, with a software tracker for progress. Support is available between meetings as well. 

Overall, after choosing to work together, we get clear on what your vision is. That becomes our anchor, and through our sessions together, we create strategies. As we implement them, we will be encountering obstacles and identifying gaps. I support you in integrating what you learn from the challenges and continue to hold you accountable to your vision. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader through this process. 


Who needs a coach?

Individuals and organizations or companies looking to improve their current situation and achieve drastic growth.


What are Executive Coaching Services?

Executive coaches are specifically trained in the skillsets to serve executive officers and their companies and organizations. Typically this includes meeting facilitation, keynote speaking, and developing workshops to address the needs of a business. Like coaches, they also work with people one-on-one to hit their individual goals.


What to watch out for?

A coach who is not themselves being coached is a red flag.

A coach who guarantees results is not being forthright. It’s up to you to do the work.

A coach who pressures you to sign up. A real coach is here to serve you. 


Where are you located?

I’m online! I reside in both LA and Taipei, but my clients are all over the globe, from Taiwan to Ireland to Canada, and the US. We can always find a way to make the time differences work.

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